Fake campaign: Sleeman’s Beer


Disclaimers: Sleeman’s does not endorse this image and I am not a designer.

Sleeman’s current marketing campaign focuses on their brand’s history, which includes prohibition-era shenanigans (the company is Canadian, which meant it wasn’t illegal, but they sent their product to America which WAS illegal).

That’s fine and good, but a bit dull. The age thing works if the recipe is unchanged, but otherwise I don’t pick up a beer because I know the company is 100 years old.

So what differentiates Sleeman’s?

Sleeman’s is the beer you order when you’re out with friends. It’s the compromise you settle on because everyone wants something different… or it’s the best beer in a grim selection. You’re never disappointed with Sleeman’s but you’re never elated.

Sleeman’s is fine.

The aim of this campaign would be consumer participation. It’s enough of a joke/catchphrase that people will repeat it and feel clever. Hashtag contests would promote brand dissemination: “Out with the boys tonight, having a beer! #sleemansisfine Sleeman’s.jpg”

There’s storytelling potential here; the beer solves disputes. Couple fighting on every aspect of a wedding? What about the beer? Sleeman’s is fine. Friend back from college and won’t eat at the BBQ (vegetarian), complains about what’s on the TV (so sexist!), doesn’t want to go the old watering hole (the beer’s terrible)? “They have Sleeman’s.” “Okay. Sleeman’s is fine.”

This campaign sets up Sleeman’s as the best kind of compromise – one where nobody loses.


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