Fake Campaign: Night at The Aquarium

Disclaimers: I AM NOT A DESIGNER. This message is not endorsed by any organization. Orca image from The Pixabay, Cocktail glass by Will Murray (Willscrlt).

Ocean Wise is a Vancouver based non-profit organization that runs The Vancouver Aquarium, and they state that “Our vision as a world where oceans are healthy.” They are dedicated to promoting ocean conservation. One of the ways they do this is with an eco-certification status for seafood, also called Ocean Wise. Their logo is used in restaurants as diverse as fish and chips shops to top-rated restaurants to signal “the fish served here is sustainably caught.” It has the side effect of denoting quality as well since establishments that are engaged with sustainable seafood tend to be of a higher standard than those that are not.

One of their biggest fundraising events is Night at The Aquarium, an elevated affair with a three-course meal, an auction for prizes WORTH buying (a frequent item is a trip to Antarctica with a research crew) and a chance to network with the city’s elites. It frequently raises over six figures from one night.

The event caters to the organization’s wealthiest donors, giving them a fun, high-class way to enjoy themselves while earning some tax receipts in service of an environmental cause.

My vision for re-branding this event is to call it “Oceans Forever.” That name evokes two movie franchises that are considered “classy” and “cool” – Oceans 11 and the 007 series (specifically Diamonds Are Forever), while re-asserting the organization’s key mission statement of ocean conservation. It captures an air of nouveau riche high-society fun while staying true to the brand’s message.

I’ve put an orca in a martini glass here (you’ll note that the Orca is in a natural environment – no need to reopen litigation on “whales in jails” here) but there are many possibilities for combining signifiers of class (evening gowns, tuxedos) and the ocean (crystal blues, schools of fish, vibrant coral) in promotional materials for this event.

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