Fake campaign: Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Disclaimers: Photo by Prayitno, Logo belongs to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation who do not endorse this image, I am not a designer.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is co-owned by the governments of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. They provide legal gambling to those provinces in competition with the national equivalents: 6/49, Lotto Max and Max Millions.

This is a very specific consumer base, and this campaign targets them in an equally specific way. The maritime provinces are “have not” provinces, and its citizens tend to be resentful of the “have” provinces: Ontario and Quebec most of all, but also British Columbia and Alberta, in that order.

A frequent complaint of East coasters is that nothing good happens to the Atlantic provinces while Ontario and Quebec hog the resources. This may be true… except when the complaint is about lottery jackpots. “Did you hear someone won 6/49? Yeah, in Ontario, of course. Never happens around here.”

I say instead of explaining “population density” and “statistical likelihood” to quell these complaints, Atlantic Lottery should use them to build its brand. Atlantic Lotto: Never won in Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa/Vancouver.

“Atlantic Lotto. It’s for us.”

This image is an example of the promotion and could be remixed to fit any non-Atlantic province/city. There are plenty of tie-in opportunities with this idea: for instance, a national map with real-time pins for all the Atlantic Lotto winning tickets. Of course, the Eastern part of the map will be filled with red, especially if programmed to represent where the winning tickets are sold as opposed to where the winners are from. A website could compare the locations of jackpot winners for national lotteries in the last five years (with Atlantic winners highlighted) versus locations for Atlantic Lotto winners in the same span of time (all highlighted).

Interviews would provide solid content. However, instead of interviewing the winners themselves, this campaign would interview people who know the winners, or have heard rumours about them. This would reinforce the social reality that this is a lotto that Maritimers and Newfoundlanders actually win. 

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